July 12, 2009

Shuttleworth About GNOME 3.0

Article Source derStandard.at
July 12, 2009, 7:30 am

gnome.gifIn the last few years Ubuntu has emerged as the dominant force in the Linux Deskop field. The distribution is heavily associated with one name: Mark Shuttleworth is not only founder an current boss of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, he has also been providing the financial resources without which Ubuntu in its current form would not exist. During the recent Gran Canaria Desktop Summit Andreas Proschofsky had the chance to conduct the following interview with Shuttleworth.

derStandard.at: In the interview we did last year you talked about increasing Canonicals involvement in improving the Linux desktop user experience, how successful was this?

Mark Shuttleworth: For our first year - I think - it's been successful. Internally in the company we created two new teams. One is a design team, which has about eight people now, and one is a dedicated  upstream desktop technologies group that has five or six people right now, but both are growing. We delivered a couple of interesting things in Ubuntu 9.04, some of them are controversial, like the notification piece and the messaging menu. But I think in principle it's going well...

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