October 27, 2006

SibylSource Offers Windows Open Source Desktop

Guest writes "Sibyl Desktop quickly and easily installs powerful and professional applications that are certain to breathe new life into your computing experience.

Philadelphia, PA - October 25, 2006 - SibylSource is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Sibyl Desktop, a distribution of powerful and professional Open Source applications designed specifically for Windows users.

Sibyl Desktop consists of 25 applications that were carefully selected to elevate the user's computing experience. Whether it's writing a letter, organizing photos, mixing a music collection, or simply chatting with friends and family, Sibyl Desktop contains the perfect program to allow one to quickly, easily, and securely perform the task at hand.

Sibyl Desktop is offered as a CD that can be freely downloaded or purchased with a support subscription starting at just $40. The CD, collectively worth hundreds of dollars and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, is packed with state-of-the-art software including:

  • OpenOffice - a comprehensive, standards-compliant office suite, compatible with Microsoft Office, containing a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, graphics software and a complete database management system.
  • Firefox - a web browser that is faster and more secure than the default browser that ships with Microsoft Windows.
  • Gaim - an instant messenger client that can connect to multiple networks, such as Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger at the same time.
  • The GIMP - a powerful and comprehensive imaging application, similar to Adobe Photoshop, that's suitable for those wanting to manipulate digital photographs, design and export graphics for the web, and convert from one file format to another.
  • PDFCreator - an incredible utility that allows one to easily create a PDF document from any application by simply "printing" to it.
  • ClamWin - a robust Antivirus application with a rich set of features which include high detection rates for viruses and spyware, a scanning scheduler, automatic virus updates, and much more.
  • WinSudoku - an implementation of the popular and addictive Sudoku puzzle game.
  • and any more ...

In addition, the CD ships with an intuitive installer and comprehensive documentation for most applications including user manuals, tutorials, and various how-to guides.

About SibylSource

SibylSource was founded on the simple idea of freedom. Freedom to use and access software without the economic and/or technical threat of vendor lock-in. To that end, our mission is to distribute stable, secure, and professional Open Source applications while providing the highest level of customer support.

To learn more about SibylSource and our flagship product Sibyl Desktop, please visit our website at: http://sibylsource.com/"

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