January 26, 2004

The Sideshow Continues

Chuck Talk writes "While the SCO Group are succeeding in providing a fascinating distraction, they arent really providing much substance. In fact if you were to ask what their number one product is, I would have to argue that it is a sideshow, a distraction. They have developed the uniquely weird business model of being able to create anger, divide people and show their lack of respect for the entire world. They have attempted to ally themselves along political lines, and seek to identify themselves with what they perceive as uniquely unquestionable values.

Unfortunately for the SCO Group, the world is not black and white and there are shades of gray to every issue. What they have called a simple two-way choice is a simplification of very complex issues. What is perhaps the most amusing thing to watch in the sideshow is the idea that they can claim ownership of so-called intellectual property for which they have expended no intellectual effort whatsoever.

I do hope that the issues do get to trial, for the open mouths in this case have gathered whole bodies as it were. The proponents of the lawsuit have rarely understood what exactly the purposes of the litigation (if you can believe their act that is). The millions of lines of identified code are probably more of a statement that there are millions of lines of code in GNU/Linux than that there were ever any lines of identified code that directly infringes upon anything that Caldera Systems aka Caldera International aka SCO Group have independently developed.

The world has yet to tremble from anything that Darl and crew have revealed, though we have done their homework many times over. The reviews of what they claim have revealed significant problems upon every turn. Every dark alley of distraction they have attempted to lead the community upon has come up empty, and their desperation to keep the distraction underway only grows in its bombastic nature in a direct relationship to the average daily price of the SCO Group stock price on Wall Street. At every successive damaging disclosure, the SCO Group rhetoric machine pumps out another round of bilious litany for public consumption."

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