April 4, 2003

SideSpace Solutions, Inc. announces the release of OGG-S

SideSpace Solutions writes "OGG-S Brings Digital Rights Management to the Open Source World.

the release of OGG-S, the first open-source Digital Rights Management toolkit.  Licensed
under the General Public License (GPL), OGG-S is poised to become the leading
cross-platform digital asset management solution.
To jumpstart development of OGG-S compliant applications, full documentation
of OGG-S is available at the OGG-S website: http://oggs.sourceforge.net.  Other available OGG-S components include a royalty-free
binary redistribution license and a series of COM objects to accelerate Windows
client development. Although the OGG-S specification is media format independent, Ogg Vorbis is
the first format officially supported by the toolkit

"Digital Rights Management has been successfully applied to the consumer
marketplace for years in Digital Satellite Systems and Smart Cable Decoders," said
Ryan Sage of SideSpace, "It is our genuine hope that content providers use
OGG-S to respect the fair-use rights of consumers and produce OGG-S content that
brings todays media content into the digital age."

OGG-S is implemented via a set of C libraries based on the OpenSSL toolkit
and supports a wide array of computing platforms.  Professional support is
available for Windows and Linux OGG-S development.

OGG-S is currently in the late beta stages of development and is expected
to be launched in May of 2003.  OGG-S is neither affiliated with nor endorsed
by either Ogg Vorbis or Xiph.org.

SideSpace Solutions, Inc.
SideSpace Solutions, Inc. is an application and services company located
in San Diego, California that specializes in cross-platform development.
Incorporated in 2001, SideSpace Solutions has delivered customized services
and applications to an array of national companies.

Inquiries are encouraged by email at sales@sidespace.com or by phone at 858-603-4673.

Prior press releases can be viewed online: http://www.sidespace.com/company/index.php?driver= press"

Link: sidespace.com


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