June 30, 2009

Sidux 2009-02 Preview 1

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A little later than originally planned, we now have the pleasure to announce the availability of the first preview for sidux 2009-02 "Αιθήρ", shipping with kernel 2.6.30 and in the following flavours:

  • KDE-lite, amd64, en/ de, ‚âà590 MB.
  • KDE-lite, i686, en/ de, ‚âà585 MB.
  • XFCE-lite, amd64+i686, ‚âà765 MB.

Please note this is not the final release, the full featured final release of "Αιθήρ" will be ready in about 1-2 weeks, further previews might be provided as needed until then.

sidux is a full featured Debian sid based live CD with a special focus on hard disk installations, a clean upgrade path within sid and additional hard- and software support. The ISO is completely based on Debian sid, enriched and stabilized with sidux' own packages and scripts...

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