Signal Nine launched


Author: JT Smith

Signal Nine (, a
community publication covering a wide range of topics, from Linux to the
latest albums, is now live. Come join the staff of Signal Nine on IRC, in
the channel #signalnine on Open Projects ( and let us
know what you think of the site, or just to shoot the breeze.
“Signal Nine is all about having fun,” notes Matt “influx” Michie,
one of the Signal Nine editors. “We’re like your office water
cooler — we talk about stuff that is genuinely interesting to
geeks of all walks of life.”

Signal Nine was conceived as a website where the Signal Nine staff
could stretch their creativity, without having to worry about
fitting their topics into a pigeon hole. Signal Nine has been built
with volunteer effort using open source tools such as
FreeBSD, Apache, PHP and Perl.

Tom “Mr. T” Dominico, another one of Signal Nine’s editors, was
sighted saying, “I pity da foo who doesn’t read sig9!”

Terry “keerf” Warner was seen replying, “unf.”

Signal Nine is looking for writers! If you have an idea for what you want
to write, let us know by e-mailing