February 7, 2006

Signate Announces Availability of Telephony Stack

Guest writes "SAN FRANCISCO -- February 6, 2006--Signate, a leading global provider of VoIP telephone solutions based on industry standard hardware and open source software, today announced the general availability of the Signate Telephony Stack, a complete software infrastructure for 32-bit IP telephony applications on a single CD. Signate's installer loads all the software and creates a ready to configure VoIP telephony server in about fifteen minutes.Signate's Telephony Stack is the same software foundation that Signate uses for its telephony installations around the world,” said Paul Mahler, Signate’s CTO and author of VoIP Telephony with Asterisk. “Signate downloads it from community sources semi-annually, or as major enhancements are released, and tests it to ensure that the entire stack operates as expected. We make bug fixes when called for and return them to the appropriate project,” he said.

Signate’s Telephony Stack shortens by hours or days the time required for an experienced VoIP professional to create a telephony software infrastructure on a new server. The combination of Signate’s Telephony Stack and Signate’s book, VoIP Telephony with Asterisk Second Edition, can shorten by weeks or months the time it takes people with Linux expertise to build their first VoIP telephony system. VoIP Telephony with Asterisk Second Edition shows readers how to configure the software on industry-standard Linux-based computer hardware to create reliable, highly capable VoIP telephony systems with a total cost of ownership that’s typically less than half the cost of proprietary systems. An optional user interface, such as Signate’s SigMAN software, eases configuration and administration but is not necessary.

The Signate Telephony Stack software is comprised of pre-configured open source versions of CentOS 4.2 Linux, Apache HTTP Server 2.0 web server, MySQL4.1 database, PHP 4.3, Asterisk 1.2, and SIP Express Router 0.9. It requires a computer with an Intel 32-bit processor, 256MB of RAM and at least 2GB of disk space. 1GB of disk space is required for installation. The remaining space is needed for the running telephony server.

The Signate Telephony Software Stack replaces Signate’s Asterisk Installation CD. It is available immediately from Signate and selected resellers for $59.95. A bundle consisting of VoIP Telephony with Asterisk and the Signate Telephony Stack is also available, for $89.90, a $10 savings from the suggested list price of the individual products.

About Signate
Signate is a leading global provider of design, installation, configuration, training and management services for open source VoIP telephony systems. For more information, visit Signate at www.signate.com.

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