June 1, 2006

Signate Announces SigProvider 2.0

Anonymous Reader writes "Signate Announces SigProvider 2.0
Hosted VoIP PBX for Consumers or Enterprises Serves up to 3,000 Extensions

San Francisco, California – May 31, 2006 - Signate, a leading global provider of VoIP telephone solutions based on industry standard hardware and open source software, today announced SigProvider 2.0, a major enhancement to its hosted VoIP PBX solution for telephone service providers with up to 3,000 extensions.

Based on a foundation of industry standards like SIP and Signate’s LAMPSA open source software stack, SigProvider lets service providers offer both consumer and enterprise telephone service. SigProvider’s hosted IP PBX functionality for enterprise customers is completely forms driven, making it easily maintainable from any web browser by the enterprise customer’s telephone administrator without intervention by the service provider.

"Whether you’re a landlord providing service to tenants or an internet service provider moving into the IP telephony business, our SigProvider hosted solution lets you offer customers all the benefits of a next generation IP-PBX without the initial purchase cost or the ongoing system management," said William Boehlke, CEO of Signate. “Combine that with SigProvider’s built-in support for SIP telephone service and popular customer premise devices and you can be in business in just a few weeks’ time,” he said.

Each SigProvider enterprise customer has a complete independent phone system, with its own telephone numbers, auto attendant(s), dialing directory, operator(s), business hours, music on hold, holiday profile, call groups, voice mail, conference rooms and call detail reporting. SigProvider supports remote businesses, remote offices and remote employees with IP extensions anywhere in the world. For organizations with contact centers or call center needs, SigProvider’s optional call center software solution adds call queue support to the PBX offering for individual customers.

"SMB customers are amenable to the savings of a hosted PBX versus an in-house system," said Don Annas, President of Triad Telecom. "With Signate's solutions, we are able to provide the functionality and the reliability that our business customers need, while significantly reducing our own operating costs." Triad Telecom is a nationwide provider of SIP origination and termination services to carriers, ITSPs, and enterprise clients across the US.

Each consumer or enterprise customer extension may also be managed by the telephone user from a web browser with the reseller’s or the customer’s logo and color scheme. User-controlled features include voicemail integration with email, pager alerts, follow-me roaming, call screening and blocking, call recording and e911 emergency dialing.

SigProvider 2.0 includes a new forms-based interactive voice response builder so customers can configure their own voice response systems.

SigProvider can be scaled to increase call capacities by adding additional call management servers. In multi-server installations, SigProvider calls are automatically load balanced across servers, and unresponsive servers are bypassed until they are available.

Pricing and Availability
SigProvider pricing begins at $8,000 for the first customer-provided 32-bit server, including installation, billing integration through a customer-provided Radius server, and administrator training.

SigProvider is easily upgradeable to SigCarrier, Signate’s hosted VoIP solution for telephone service carriers with 5,000 or more customers. SigCarrier adds support for resellers, automated administration, and higher call volumes.

An upgrade from Signate’s SigMAN SP is $1,000 for customers under maintenance. The upgrade fee includes migration of customer data to the new architecture.

Signate service provider solutions are offered with around the clock support every day of the year, including automatic 24/7 system monitoring, maintenance and repairs, offsite dial plan and configuration backup; and annual software updates.

About Signate
Signate is a leading global provider of VoIP telephony solutions based on industry standard hardware and open source software. For more information, visit Signate at www.signate.com.

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