February 28, 2006

Signate Enhances SigMAN SP Hosted PBX Software

Guest writes "Signate, a leading global provider of VoIP telephone solutions based on industry standard hardware and open source software, today announced the general availability of SigMAN SP version 1.2, its hosted PBX software for telephone service providers with up to 3,000 customer extensions. In the four months since SigMAN SP became available, more than fifty service providers have begun using the software to provide VoIP virtual PBX and telephone service to small and medium sized businesses as well as individual consumers.

"SigMAN SP enables IP carriers to offer cost-effective telephone service that eliminates the need for expensive PBXs that cost businesses tens of thousands of dollars," said William Boehlke, CEO of Signate. “SigMAN SP turns a Linux-based server into a full featured, partitioned PBX with a user panel that gives customers the ability to manage their own voicemail, call forwarding, ‘follow me’ roaming and other settings from a web browser,” he said.

Within the host server, each of SigMAN SP’s customer partitions can function like a dedicated telephone system with its own auto attendant(s), music on hold, operator(s), call queues, audio conference rooms, hunt groups, voice mail and call detail reporting. Providers may give customers as much, or as little, access as their businesses require, so customers can manage some or all of their own facilities.

Among the new features in release 1.2 are:

·Users can elect to screen or block incoming calls
·Localization support helps providers offer service in multiple languages
·E911 location support lets callers provide emergency services with the physical location of their telephone
·Resellers may brand the user panel interface with their own HTML style sheets
·Call rating interface can provide customers with the cost of their calls

"Signate responded to our feedback on the first release with more flexible facilities for branding SigMAN SP with our look and feel as well as new features for our customers,” said Don Annas, President of Triad Telecom. Based in Greensboro, Triad Telecom offers hosted telephone and other services to residents of central and Northwest North Carolina.

Pricing and Availability
A North American English language version of SigMAN SP 1.2 is available immediately for $5,995 on Intel x86 servers, including installation, administrator training and integration with a Radius-compatible billing system. Upgrades from earlier releases are free.

SigMAN SP version 1.2 is offered with optional technical support around the clock by Signate engineers in Europe, North America and Asia.

About Signate
Signate is a leading global provider of design, installation, configuration, training and management services for open source VoIP telephony systems. For more information, visit Signate at www.signate.com.

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