May 19, 2005

SIMPL project now under CVS

bob writes "The SIMPL open source project aims to bring the ease of Send/Receive/Reply (QNX) style messaging to the Linux developer. (

The code base is mature at v2.3.4 (the project has existed for over 5 years now) and widely used, but up until now was maintained under a single offsite RCS tree. We have finally migrated the code base over to the CVS version control offered by

SIMPL modules can be written (and interchangably used) in a number of languages including C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Python and JAVA.

SIMPL modules can be compiled and tested locally and then deployed on a network (local or WAN) thanks to the development of generic TCP/IP surrogates.

Even though the SIMPL is mature, there are lots of things that need to be worked on. As such we always are looking for new talent to help out with the todo list.



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