SimplyMEPIS test version now available for download


Author: NewsForge Staff

MORGANTOWN, WV — Warren Woodford, creator of the MEPIS Linux distro, has announced the availability of SimplyMEPIS 3.3-test01 at the usual mirror sites and from the MEPIS premium
FTP site.

For MEPIS Linux followers and fans, the name alone signals a
change. “There has been some confusion in the community about the differences between
SimplyMEPIS and ProMEPIS,” Woodford said. “This has been resolved as follows: As suggested
by a number of community members, SimplyMEPIS will continue to be the freely
available desktop MEPIS bootable CD, and ProMEPIS will designate an upcoming
multi-CD packaged version of MEPIS.”

MEPIS plans to do at least two major releases per year, therefore version
numbers will no longer reference the year of the release. Many users have
not understood the meaning of “Beta” and “RC,” so test versions will be called
“test,” Woodford said.

In response to user requests, SimplyMEPIS will continue to offer dual kernels
to maximize support for both old and new hardware. The kernels for the
upcoming release are 2.6.10 and 2.4.29. Version 3.3 is scheduled for final
release around Feb. 15.

This test release of SimplyMEPIS contains all of the improvements, but not
some of the extra apps, that were in the earlier test releases designated
“ProMEPIS,” Woodford said. The SimplyMEPIS desktop has a new look, thanks to the work of
artistic community volunteers, he said.

In addition, a lot of effort has been put into improving winmodem support. “At
this point, MEPIS should work automatically with non-winmodems, slamr-based
modems of all kinds, and most lucent modems. Also the ATI 3D graphics
support appears to be working very well in many scenarios, and work has begun
on a utility to easy the installation and removal of the fglrx driver,” Woodford said.

For more information, visit the MEPIS sites.


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