October 26, 2005

SIOX Algorithm released as Java API

fractor writes "The SIOX algorithm (Simple Interactive Object Extraction) that has
recently been integrated into the GIMP (see
former article
) is now also available as Java API. The SIOX
Team released a documented and non-optimized Java source of the
foreground extraction algorithm. Many people had complained that the
source code integrated into the GIMP was too optimized for GIMP and
thus hard to read. It is the policy of the SIOX team not only to
provide source code but also to foster understanding of it.

The Java source code also contains features that are yet to come into
the next development releases of GIMP. The most important one is the
Detail Refinement Brush that can be used to get rid of spill colors in
highly detailed textures, like hair or tree branches. The package
comes with a simple program that demonstrates the usage of the
Developers and researchers are invited to take a look at the API at http://www.siox.org. Non-developers
that want to try SIOX are recommended to use the latest unstable
version of GIMP."

Link: siox.org

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