September 29, 2000

Site sells Red Hat 7 on custom CDs

Author: JT Smith

The new release of Red Hat Linux 7 is
now available on a custom CD-ROM through The 2-CD-ROM
package is $12.95, plus shipping.

This week's announcement has generated intense interest in the product, but
availability has led to delays as many programmers search for the system and
encounter waiting periods while the system downloads. Linux2order has
pre-loaded Red Hat Linux 7 on CD-ROMs and is ready to fulfill orders.

"The current popularity of Red Hat Linux 7 - - and the related frustrations
in locating it online and waiting for downloads - - will allow us to
demonstrate the value brings to the Linux community," said
Erik Vogel, president and CEO of the Provo, Utah-based company. "We hope
Linux users will take this opportunity to purchase the new Red Hat system,
and then return to our site for other Linux selections." offers more than 5,500 Linux titles, and is on target to
surpass 7,000 by the end of the year, Vogel said.

About offers the largest compilation of Linux software
applications and utilities for the Linux operating system in one central,
online location. For more information, call 801-222-9414, Monday-Friday, 7
a.m. to 6 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time) or visit

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