November 4, 2005

Sitellite 4.2.6 Adds Preliminary PHP5 Support

John Luxford writes "Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - November 3, 2005 - Canadian web content management vendor Simian Systems Inc. ( announces an update to the Sitellite 4.2 Content Management System which adds preliminary support for PHP5, as well as early support for additional web server configurations, including CGI-mode, FastCGI, and Microsoft IIS.

"In addition to fixing over a dozen bugs in this update, we've also begun the process of increasing Sitellite's compatibility with a wider range of servers out there" says John Luxford, President and Chief Developer of Simian Systems. "PHP5 support has been on our radar for some time, and this release is the first step towards full PHP5 support in time for Sitellite 5.0 due out sometime next year."

Additional bug fixes in this release include:

  • Exponentially increased the maximum size of a web page's contents, allowing for a wider range of uses for the system.
  • Improved the SSL capabilities of the system, allowing forced SSL usage on a per-screen basis in any Sitellite module, including custom applications.
  • Fixed some consistency issues with the web pages collection and the dynamic generation of website navigation.
  • Various fixes in both the user interface and the API, improving the overall user and developer experiences.


Sitellite 4.2.6 is available immediately from the Simian Systems website ( in GPL, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

Simian Systems ( is a Canadian web content management vendor, whose flagship product is the Sitellite Content Management System (CMS), an easy-to-use and powerful CMS written in PHP. Simian Systems provides local and international companies with innovative PHP-based content management and web-based software solutions.

Simian Systems and Sitellite are trademarks of Simian Systems Inc. All other product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners."


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