July 21, 2001

Sklyarov, Code Red, and cybercrime laws

Author: JT Smith

In light of the recent arrest of a Russian presenter at Def Con in Las
Vegas, Linux Journal explains why the Digital Millennium Copyright
Act (DMCA) is a bad thing. At the same time as Dimitry Sklyarov was
being arrested for violating the DMCA, some 300,000 Windows NT and
2000 IIS webservers were compromised
by the Code Red worm
(up from yesterday's estimate of 12,000), which was apparently designed to
attack the website of US
President George W. Bush, according to this ZDNet article.
While all this was happening, again
according to ZDNet
, US "Attorney General John Ashcroft said
federal officials would crack down on an increasing wave of
cybercrime by beefing up 10 specialized units so they can better
concentrate on catching hackers and pirates."
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