October 10, 2005

++Skype open-source library has won Skype prize!

vitaly_r writes "++Skype open-source library has won an award at the first skype

Developer of the month competetion.

About our library:

++Skype is a C++ library for skype add-on platform independent software development.
It is platform independent, easy to use, and easy to extend because of the flexible library design,
inspired by modern C++ design ideas.
Performance is one of the goals: only compile-time polymorphism is used.
The library license allows you to develop freely redistributed applications without any fee.

++Skype advantages:

For free/open-source community: now they can develop the Skype plugins based on ++Skype without any fee.
++Skype is much easier to use than low-level Skype API implementation (based on the very old version of
the D-BUS library). And if Skype changes the low-level API (I hope, they will use the the last, not ancient
version of the D-BUS library in the future!) you should only downbload the new ++Skype version and re-build
your project. Code re-using is fine!
Ability to develop platform-independent skype add-ons under GNU license is cool! The great result
can appear if someone joins the power of ++Skype and wxWidgets toolset, for example. Get ++Skype, gcc, one
of the free open source C++ GUI frameworks and you can develop your skype add-on much faster than before!

For C++ developers: now they can build linux and windows editions of the software from the common source!
Is there any developer who don't exclaim "Cool!" after reading this news? And we plan to extend the
variety of supported platforms and compilers.

For linux developers: I've said above that development with ++Skype for linux operation system is much
easier than without. Of course, you can do some interesting things with linux. The Skype & Asterisk
integration would be the great.

For hardware manufactures: ability to develop computer-side software (which connects hardware with
skype client) in the platform independent manner - in the simple situations all they need is
the re-compilation of the project for target operation system. (Now linux users doesn't buy these fine
hardware skype accessories because they doesn't run with linux, for example).
I hope, if hardware manufactures would be able to develop the computer-side software without additional
headache, they will do it!"

Link: icebrains-soft.com

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