November 7, 2006

Slash'EM on Linux: configure, install, setup, play

Rob Newcater writes "When I tell my World of Warcraft/EverQuest-playing friends that I play Slash'EM, they usually raise their eyebrows and give me a slightly condescending smile before going on to explain how they prefer 3D graphics, interaction, etc. The fact is that comparing WoW/EQ to Slash'EM is like comparing movies to books. Did you read the Harry Potter books? Did you then go and see the movies? Slightly disappointed? Not quite what you expected? Then you'll have an inkling of what I'm on about.

It's a bit sad that such Slash'EM is easier to install on Windows than it is to install onto many Linux systems. So, hopefully this article will address that issue.

Please see the full article at Basically Tech:
Slash'EM on Linux: configure, install, setup and play."



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