April 20, 2001

Slash'EM's license approved by Open Source Initiative

Author: JT Smith

J. Ali Harlow writes: "Slash'EM
(a roguelike role-playing game and variant of NetHack) was
finally approved for listing as a stable open source product in the
Open Source Directory last night.

This has been a complicated process, requiring first getting our
approved by the Open Source Initiative.

My thanks to the OSD and OSI teams for their help.

This is one more step in the process of making the UNIX community aware of
the delights and frustrations of playing Slash'EM. Currently,
DOS and MS-Windows users outnumber UNIX users by about 3:1.

Are you up to fighting you way through fifty odd levels of monsters with onlya pet to help you? On the way you will meet the oracle, have the opportunity to
complete a number of side quests, learn magic spells and aquire magical items.

As you develop your character you will finally be ready to meet Vlad the
Impaler and the Wizard of Yendor and wrest from them the artifacts you will
need to preform the invocation ritual and gain entry to the sanctum. Here lies
the famed Amulet of Yendor which you must retrieve for you god.

If you succeed in your task you will be raised to demigod-hood. Don't
forget to post an ascention post to
when you do.

Slash'EM is available for UNIX, DOS, MS-Windows, and Mac from our

J. Ali Harlow

UNIX Developer, Slash'EM dev-team."

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