SLAX 6.0: How does it work?

I don’t like Slackware. No, please! Do not stone me right away! Slackware is a very good operating system. It’s just not “compatible†with my nature. It’s the oldest Linux system, probably the only distro fully compatible with the original foundations of UNIX systems, and working according to the DIY paradigm (Do It Yourself). It runs stable after proper configuration. The problem is that I do change distros very often and were it not for the frequent manual changes of the config files, the never ending checking whether the versions of the system’s parts are correct… Well, for a server, which it suffices to configure only once and for all, it’s an excellently tailored distro. Or if one would like to select reasonable software, have it installed, then configure it carefully, and finally burned it as a LiveCD… Yes… and have the logo of a green clover added just for luck… Wow, that’d be something!



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