September 3, 2003

Smallest and Densest 1U Linux Server Announced

1U Ring Inc. Offers Ground breaking 500GB Mini-ITX 1U u-Server
Joining Family of 1U Servers with up to 2 TB of RAID-5 Storage.

Palo Alto, CA - September 3, 2003 - 1U Ring, Inc., an
innovative provider of mission-critical Linux hardware,
software, system security and linux consulting, today
announced a groundbreaking C1000 Mini-ITX 1U server
( designed for the rigorous demands of
ultra-dense rack-based computing. The C1000 is part of a
family of unique 1U-RAID5? servers and supports up to 500GB of
mass storage in a 10" deep 1U chassis, while other servers
support up to 2 Terabytes (TB) of mass storage. The C1000
mini-itx server supports up to 2 GB of DDR memory and Intel's
P4-3.0GHz CPU.

As part of a growing family of optimized 1U servers, 1U Ring
integrates design enhancements that enable a number of
industry firsts. These include:

  • The smallest (9?? deep) Commercially Available 1U System
  • The first RAID5 servers in a 1U chassis - 1U-Raid?
  • The first to Offer mini-itx 1U chassis with up to
    500GB of RAID-1 storage in a 10" deep 1U chassis
  • The first/densest 1U chassis supporting up to 8 hard
  • The first to offer up to 2 TB of Storage in a 25"
    Deep 1U Chassis
  • The first 1U chassis to support 2 PCI (NIC) cards
  • The first 1U chassis w/ above-board CPU blower fans
    for better CPU cooling
  • The first 1U chassis to support up to 12 laptop
    drives - Laptop-Raid5?
  • The first to put the CPU and fans along the edge of
    the 1U chassis for better CPU cooling

All 1U Ring servers use off-the-shelf parts, including:

  • MicroATX, FlexATX, ATX, mini-ITX, others
  • Celeron -2.6, Pentium 4 at 3.0Ghz, AMD XP-2200+
  • IDE, SCSI-3, laptop disks, compact flash, others
  • Standard PCI cards
  • 1U Ring servers also incorporate customer friendly
    features such as interchangeable front panels for the
    Customer's logo and look-and-feel.
  • An optional 16x2 serial LCD for monitoring,
    configuration and diagnostics is available.

1U servers have traditionally represented a tradeoff between
high Rack density and feature performance. This new design
shatters those preconceptions with a complete family of
flexible 1U-RAID5? servers for ultra-high mass storage
systems. 1U Ring can offer customers up to 2 TB of reliability
in a single 1U server that can be customized to create and
meet the Customer's specific 1U server requirements. The
1U-Raid5? servers are available immediately for under $1,000.

Details may be found at and or emailing

1U Ring Inc

Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, 1U Ring, Inc. a privately held
company, is an innovator in the design of Linux servers for
mission-critical, high-density environments. The company has
incorporated decades of design expertise into a new family of
unique 1U rack servers that can be configured to meet a
customer's specific requirements.

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