October 18, 2004

Smoothwall enhances its Linux web content filter

James D writes "October 18th, 2004 - Internet security specialist SmoothWall Limited today announced the general availability of its much enhanced web content filtering solution, Corporate Guardian Version 3.5. The new Corporate Guardian software includes the latest Dynamic Content Analysis filtering technology, improved reporting and integration with Microsoft Active Directory user authentication.

Guardian's Dynamic Content Analysis filter examines the actual content of all requested web pages, not just where pages come from. "The traditional filtering mechanism based on a blocklist of known bad sites is becoming increasingly unworkable", said George Lungley, Managing Director of SmoothWall Limited. "Every day another half million pages are added to the web's existing four billion pages. Attempting to keep pace with this content explosion is proving very expensive for the producers of conventional URL filtering solutions and thus also for, their users".

The Dynamic Content Analysis filter scans web pages for words and phrases from numerous categories, including pornography, violence, drugs, racial hatred and gambling. This filtering technology works for every web page in existence, regardless of whether it has ever been seen before or categorised, ensuring that users are not exposed to unsuitable or illegal content.

Corporate Guardian also supports conventional blocklist filtering and a variety of other techniques to block inappropriate content, music, video and executable file download. The filtering rules can be fine tuned to comply with local content acceptability policies, which in the case of a school could take into account the age range of the students and other factors such as religious sensitivity. It is also possible to operate in whitelist mode, where access is restricted solely to approved web sites or URLs.

Corporate Guardian Version 3.5 provides LDAP user authentication against a Microsoft Windows server, avoiding the need to replicate user login details on the Guardian system. User administration is controlled from the Microsoft server, not the Guardian server, which determines from the users membership of Windows User Groups the filter rules to apply to the user.

Like all SmoothWall products, Corporate Guardian 3.5 has been designed for ease of installation and configuration. Based on a specialised security hardened version of the Linux operating system, Corporate Guardian is designed for use by non-specialist staff that need have no prior knowledge or experience of Linux. Corporate Guardian is licensed on the basis of the number of user computers it protects rather than the number of potential users, which is the norm for competitor products. This makes it uniquely affordable to schools and colleges that have many times more users than they do computers, which also benefit from a substantial education discounts.

Corporate Guardian 3.5 is available immediately, with a starting price of only £300 to protect a ten-computer network, rising to £3400 for a 2000 computer licence. Twelve months phrase and block list subscriptions are included in the initial licence price, with second and subsequent year subscriptions costing only 25 per cent of the initial licence price. SmoothWall's Guardian software is the most effective and affordable web content filtering solution.

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About SmoothWall
SmoothWall Ltd. is an internet security software provider founded in 2001 to address the void in the security market between simple feature and user limited "black boxes" and "big iron" solutions from the major security vendors. With its specialist development team, SmoothWall has harnessed the technical expertise of the Open Source arena to develop a suite of firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and content filtering security solutions for education, SME and large corporate organisations.

Based in the United Kingdom, with offices in Leeds and Southampton, SmoothWall delivers global security solutions through a worldwide support network, with representation in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Australia, Germany and across Europe. With a user base spanning home users, small business and non-profit organisations through schools and universities to major corporations, hundreds of thousands of networks rely upon SmoothWall protection. For more information visit: www.smoothwall.net

For further information please contact:
James Delves or Sarah-Anne Bray, Wildfire PR
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