April 15, 2002

A sneak preview of Musenki's new wireless access point

Anonymous Reader writes "Apr. 12, 2002

LinuxDevices.com founder and executive editor Rick Lehrbaum offers an exclusive sneak preview of Musenki's new wireless access point which is slated to ship to beta customers on Monday, April 15. In this interview, Musenki founders Jim Thompson and Kem McClelland describe the young company's soon-to-be shipped products, discuss the company's vision, and credit Linux and other open source software with helping speed development.

" . . . Austin, TX based Musenki ("musenki" means "small wireless gadget" in Japanese) is poised to ship beta units of its first product -- the M-1 wireless access point. The devices, which are scheduled to ship to customers next Monday (April 15, 2002), will be sent to developers, strategic technology partners, VARs who want to start integrating their own features, and some prospective major customers. Among the significant customer prospects being sent beta units are several regional wireless ISPs and mobile operators, according to McClelland . . ."


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