Sneaking Peeks at openSUSE 13.1


openSUSEopenSUSE 13.1 is due to the public in just a few days and Jos Poortvliet has been posting some sneak peeks. Two he previews two popular desktop versions and today he offered some “Geeko Tips.” As a bonus, Bryan Lunduke compares openSUSE to Ubuntu in terms of management style.

For those like me who are looking forward to 13.1, the sneak peeks just whet the appetite even more. For GNOME users version 3.10 awaits your install. The GNOME 3.10 desktop features a unified system menu, CSD Header Bar, less obtrusive system tray and notifications, updated Activities Overview, and a new frequently used apps tab. Several new GNOME apps have been introduced as well, such as Clocks, Notes, (the really awesome) Weather, and Photos.

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