February 22, 2006

SoC drawer: Shared resource management

IBM RSS feed Power Arch writes "The goal of a system-on-a-chip (SoC) is to provide a single-chip system, and therefore SoC resource analysis and sizing is critical. Failure to properly size processing, memory, or I/O needed by software services can kill an SoC project. But all too often, SoC design analysis focuses on processing at the expense of memory or I/O sizing. And even when memory and I/O are sized properly, efficient use of these resources by software services can still be tricky. Any mis-sizing or mismanagement of memory and I/O on an SoC can at the least cause significant project delay and rework. This article examines sizing estimation and resource sharing pitfalls that the system architect should know well."

Link: ibm.com/developerworks

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