June 11, 2001

Social Contract forged with contributors to Open-Source Directory

Author: JT Smith

Today Open-Source Directory has published a Social Contract with the contributors to the database of stable, open-source applications.

""We've published this social contract in response to contributor's questions about what we are going to do with the entire content of the site," states Steven Mallett, co-founder of Open-Source Directory (OSD). I've been investigating the idea of how to make this kind of statement to the contributors by looking at the GFDL and the OPL. These are both content licenses, but neither really address the unspoken agreement that takes place when someone registers a product listing with us or any other open-source developed content." "After reading the recent dmoz announcement about their Social Contract I realized the simplicity of the solution. I was looking for a formal license when what was needed was a simple, two-way, promise; a Social Contract .

Open-Source Directory is a community driven repository of just stable, open-source applications.
It was launched in April of 2001.
Find out more about Open-Source Directory at: http://www.opensourcedirectory.org

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