December 1, 2004

SOFIA 2.3 released with Hibernate and Dynamic HTML

Dan Dubinsky writes "Salmon LLC is pleased to announce the release of SOFIA 2.3, The Salmon Open Framework for Internet Applications. SOFIA is an open source GUI and data access tool-kit for building high quality, database driven, web based applications in Java.

SOFIA 2.3 adds these new features:

Dynamic HTML Rich Client:

If you don't want to write applets, complex JavaScript or spend a fortune on closed-source proprietary tools, but still want a browser based ârich clientâ user interface, you can use SOFIA's new DHTML components for things such as: drop down or popup calendars, calculators and search boxes , web data grids with scroll bars , nested reports with row folding and desktop style table row selection. That's in addition to the rich set of existing components such as navigation bars, trees/tree tables and calendars, as well as high end business components for SCRUD (Search,Create, Read, Update, Delete) and reporting. And if your development does require database driven applets, SOFIA supports those as well.

Hibernate Integration:

Use SOFIA's rich set of GUI components to build a front end for your Hibernate domain model in no time. SOFIA's built-in search and data entry components allow Hibernate developers to build powerful and flexible search, list and detail pages with little or no code.

Support for the latest tools:

Plug-Ins for Eclipse 3, IntelliJ 4.5, and Dreamweaver MX 2004.

Many other enhancements:

Improved web application encapsulation, client side J2EE session management, fast volume database inserts, automatic master-detail table database updates, enhanced applet support and many other enhancements provided by Salmon LLC and the open source community.

Where to find SOFIA:
SOFIA can be downloaded free from SourceForge at Additional information can be found at including documentation and code samples. Help from the SOFIA community can be found on the SOFIA forum on SourceForge.

About Salmon LLC
Founded in 1995, Salmon LLC specializes in the development of Java applications using object oriented languages, tools, and techniques. With offices in New York , London , and Sydney , we maintain worldwide partnerships that allow us to bring clients a wide variety of solutions and services. Our proven project management skills and technology expertise allow us to provide cost effective solutions on flexible business terms. We emphasize rapid application development and deployment using our signature framework, SOFIA . All of this is packaged in a pragmatic pricing approach to deliver quality, working systems within fixed schedules and budgets. That's the heart of the Salmon Guarantee: We will deliver projects on time, within budget, and to 100 percent client satisfaction. For more information on how Salmon LLC can help your company, call us at 516-742-7888, or e-mail us at"

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