January 19, 2004

Software costs more than a year's salary for many

Buying proprietary software for many African users can cost them the equivalent of a year or more's income. This is according to Rishab Ghosh,
programme leader at Infonomics at Maastricht University, who was speaking at the Idlelo Digital Commons conference in Cape Town, South Africa today.
Ghosh, a founder of the online Internet peer-review journal First Monday, said that a typical setup of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, costs
around $560 in the US. In a country such as Kenya, where the annual income per person is $371, buying the same package would equate to 18 months worth
of salary for many Kenyans. In Ghana this figure jumps to more than two years' income for the average Ghanaian.

Link: tectonic.co.za


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