March 16, 2004

Software Development Environment on Linux

Rajesh Goyal writes "LinuxCertified Inc, a leading provider of Linux training and services, today announced addition of a new course, Effective Software Development On Linux, to its training portfolio. This class is targeted for software developers using Linux as their primary platform for development.

Today Linux has become the de facto development platform for many organizations. Linux and open-source programming tools provide a platform of choice for the most challenging development environments. As Linux continues to make advances in wide variety of areas such as embedded systems as well as high-end server systems, a deeper understanding of the associated development environment is becoming vital for developers and development team managers.

This three day course is designed so that attendees can learn why Linux is such an effective development platform, learn programming specifics for Linux/Unix environments, and learn rich set of programming tools available on Linux. The course comprises of extensive hands-on training with real-life labs, in a learning-conducive environment.

"Sheer economies and adaptability of the Linux platform makes it an ideal development platform," said Chander Kant, President of LinuxCertified. "This class enables the developers to unleash the full potential of Linux and open-source development tools in their environment".

Details on this course are available at: ng.html

This workshop is available as an on-site class throughout North America. The first public class will be offered on April 26th-28th in San Francisco Bay Area.

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