February 27, 2004

Software extends to market-leading Linux platforms

For the first time, Linux software engineers will benefit from the ease-of-use associated with using the standard UML-based notation for model-driven
development (MDD), while quickly and efficiently leveraging MontaVista Linux as an embedded operating system, and Red Hat as a Linux host platform,
reducing development costs and overall time-to-market.

In partnership with MontaVista Software, I-Logix' Rhapsody has been validated for MontaVista Linux, the leading embedded operating system.
The Rhapsody MDD environment provides embedded software engineers with the ability to develop their software applications using the Unified Modelling
Language (UML).

With this integration with MontaVista Linux, engineers can analyse their design by animating the model, focusing on the software architecture and
behaviour while debugging the code running on the target microprocessor.

Link: electronicstalk.com


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