July 1, 2003

Software Vendors That Adapt Can Thrive-- While Others Dive

movingtowardsparity writes "An article at at www.NewTechUSA.com is describing an interesting 'theorem' about open source software (OSS). Mezick's Theorem states that OSS is the last stage of development in large mature horizontal markets. The article goes on to state the evidence and the future implications. Large verticals, for example, should enjoy better valuations because they are less likely targets for OSS. Another prediction is that JBOSS will eventually own the appserver space. For this to happen one winner must emerge and 'own' the space for some time. Then the JBOSS OSS will digest them. Etc.

This is interesting stuff. The author has obviously done some good thinking along these lines, and the recent ORACLE/PEOPLESOFT merger and other news items (MSFT/Great Plains, legal attacks on GPL) seems to support the assertions of this intriguing theorem on OSS.

Read the article and analysis at

http://www.newtechusa.com/ViewPoints/DominateLate. asp"

Link: newtechusa.com


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