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Reports: Google Beta Testing Android App for Chrome Remote Desktop

For about a year now, Google has been working on an Android version of its Chrome Remote Desktop app and new reports from Engadget, PCMag and other outlets claim that it is imminent. 

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Distribution Release: Lightweight Portable Security 1.5.1

An updated version of Lightweight Portable Security (LPS), a privacy-oriented Linux live CD developed in the USA by Software Protection Initiative, is now available for download.

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Did Open Source Matter for Heartbleed?

Open source does not provide a meaningful inherent security benefit for OpenSSL and it may actually discourage some important testing techniques. Also, panhandling is not a good business model for important software like OpenSSL.

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Debian Project Voting on a Code of Conduct

As the annual project leader election winds down, the Debian Project has begun a new vote on a proposed code of conduct for project members. It lays out some general guidelines for behavior within the project and allows administrators to ban "serious or persistent offenders" from communicating through Debian's channels.

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Makulu Linux 6 MATE hands-on: A good path to Linux for XP users

A new release, a new installer, and a new desktop makes this a fun and beautiful option...

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