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January brings with it the southern-hemisphere's summer and This year, the conference is being held in Wellington, New Zealand thanks to the hard work and dedication of the...

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Mozilla Dumps Firefox 3.7 From Schedule, Changes Dev Process

Mozilla executive Mike Beltzner told Computerworld today that the company is dropping Firefox 3.7 from its release schedule and will instead release incremental changes with its regular security updates.

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Terracotta Polishes Quartz Job Scheduler

Having bolted the open source Ehcache Java caching software it bought to its Java application clustering environment, Terracotta has now added the Quartz job scheduler it acquired as 2009 was winding down.
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Automating Android with Ant

Eclipse is not the only game in town when it comes to compiling Android applications.
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Mozilla Tries to Silence Add-on Developers' Scream

Mozilla has been forced to justify its decision to herd third party coders, whose add-ons sometimes break the Firefox user interface, away form the browsers components directory...
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