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Open Web Foundation Releases Open Specification Agreement

The OWF now provides an agreement for organisations to adopt which simplifies the process of releasing web specifications as open source...
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Communities Vs. Teams: Open Source Needs Both

A curious insight has come from all the recent talk about MySQL/Sun/Oracle. People talk about a community around a given open source product, but there's at least as much talk about a team within it. Let's not neglect the importance of either of those things.
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Python 3 Moratorium Now Official

The Python 3 language syntax has been frozen for two years to allow developers and alternative Python implementations to switch over to a more stable version...

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PHP Founder Takes Flight from Yahoo!

MS deal 'as lame as I feared'
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Is Mozilla's Contributions Program Working?

A few months ago Mozilla gave add-on developers a tip jar as a way for them to get paid for their creations. But is anyone making any money off the program?
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