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Intel Graphics Hit High Point With Linux 3.6 Kernel

Testing of the latest Linux 3.6 kernel that's presently under development has revealed some additional OpenGL performance improvements with Intel graphics, at least concerning the latest-generation "Ivy Bridge" processors.

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New Linux Drivers for Old Kernel Versions

The developers of the Linux Kernel Backporting project plan to offer the drivers that come with recent Linux kernels in a form that will allow these drivers to be combined with older kernel versions...

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The Huge Nouveau Kernel Driver Rewrite Surfaces

Over the weekend there was the push by Red Hat's Ben Skeggs that effectively reworks/rewrites the Nouveau DRM kernel module for reverse-engineered open-source NVIDIA graphics under Linux...

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The 3.6 Merge Window is Closed

Linus has released 3.6-rc1 and closed the merge window for this development cycle. "I do have two more pull requests that are at least tentatively pending: there's the uapi header file disintegration from David Howells and the tcm_vhost merge from Nicholas Bellinger, both of which came in in time. So...

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First Release Candidate of Linux Kernel Version 3.6

With the arrival of RC1, all major changes have been integrated into Linux 3.6. Among the most important new features are hybrid standby, the VFIO userspace driver framework, quota support for Btrfs and TCP stack improvements...

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