Privacy group: Microsoft programs track email readers

Author: JT Smith Reuters reports on Microsoft's email tracking bug: Documents created with some Microsoft Corp. software can be rigged to "phone home" to another computer and report where and how often a document is read, a privacy organization said Wednesday. The technique, known as a "Web bug,"...
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Computer users addicted to speed?

Author: JT Smith From a ZDNet column: "Tracking the clock-speed wars between Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is a little like handicapping the Indy 500; sometimes, you get the feeling that a lot of the spectators have turned out to watch someone crash." Category: Unix
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Gamespy on Linux gaming

Author: JT Smith reviews Linux gaming, and Slashdot readers give their opinions on the article.
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A lab of one's own

Author: JT Smith follows up on the announcement Wednesday that four technology companies are partnering to open a Linux lab: "Face it. If you work with Linux, and IBM (IBM) hasn't tried to partner up with you yet, you're just not working hard enough. Take Wednesday's four-way...
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maddog speaks to Japanese Linux group

Author: JT Smith The Tokyo Linux Users Group, jointly with the Linux Seminar Working Group, Project BLUE and the Yokohama Linux Users Group, is pleased to host Mr. Jon "maddog" Hall, executive director of Linux International, for a talk on the evolution of the Linux operating system and an overview...
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Author: JT Smith The newsletter includes a blurb on FreePad, Norway's alternative to Sweden's Screen Phone.
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Spreadsheets under BSD (part 3)

Author: JT Smith BSD Today looks at two fully-featured spreadsheets: Starcalc and Xess. Category: Unix
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Study: Red Hat still holds huge Linux lead

Author: JT Smith Red Hat has more of the Linux market than its next five competitors combined, but those competitors all are increasing their share faster, a study has found. Red Hat shipped 48 percent of the copies of Linux that were sold in 1999, according to market research firm International...
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Looking at embedded Linux

Author: JT Smith From an article at Linux Journal: "Calling a system embedded doesn't have anything to do with its size, but whether it performs some dedicated task. Besides the size changes over the years, there have been cost changes. While my microwave doesn't have an embedded processor in it,...
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FreeBSD malformed ELF image denial of service patch

Author: JT Smith Patches are available for the 4.x and 5.x kernels. Versions of 4.x and 5.x downloaded after August 15, 2000 are not vulnerable. Users of 3.x versions of FreeBSD should upgrade to 4.x if possible. The advisory is at Category: Linux
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