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A Cash Crunch at the GNOME Foundation

The GNOME Foundation has announced that, due to cash flow problems, it is freezing all non-essential expenditures. "The issue has been caused by a number of factors. These include increased administrative overheads in the last few years due to the increased turnover which has been caused by the Outreach...

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Linux 3.15 Can Almost Be Compiled Under LLVM's Clang

A few hours ago I wrote about the most interesting features for the Linux 3.15 kernel from my perspective as it didn't look like anything else interesting would be introduced this late in the merge window before the imminent 3.15-rc1. However, this time I've been happily proven wrong with Clang...

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The Linux 3.15 Kernel Is Going To Have A Lot Of Great Features

There's likely just a day or two left before the Linux 3.15-rc1 kernel will be released to mark the end of the Linux 3.15 kernel merge window. With all of the major features appearing to have been merged by now, here's an overview of the exciting features to look forward...

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Meet Jasper, an open-source, Siri-like virtual assistant for Raspberry Pi

Over the past year or so, we've seen the Raspberry Pi mini-PC used for some very cool projects, including a Lego-botall-in-one PC3D printer, and even a droneNow we have another intriguing use for the Pi: An automated personal assistant.

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Heartbleed Developer Explains OpenSSL Mistake that Put Web at Risk

The software developer who inserted a major security flaw into OpenSSL has said the error was "quite trivial" despite the severity of its impact, according to a new report. The Sydney Morning Herald published an interview today with Robin Seggelmann, who added the flawed code to OpenSSL, the world's...

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LibreOffice 4.2.3 Takes Care Of The Heartbleed Bug

Version 4.2.3 of the LibreOffice open-source office suite is now available...

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