March 3, 2003

SoL-diag 1.1 released!

Martin Willner writes "antitachyon is pleased to announce the release of SoL-diag 1.1. SoL-diag is a
diskless Linux operating system designed for rescue and analysis of i686 type
computers. The 36MB image contains over 300 programs which can be used for
education on Linux systems.

SoL-diag features linux-kernel 2.4.20 with almost all available kernel modules.
With SoL-diag, watching DVD, listening to mp3s and burning CD-RWs is
possible without installing Linux on your harddrive.

With SoL-diag you can improve your Linux skills, benchmark a computer
system and without the hassle of installing any data on your harddrive.

For further information, please visit the SoL-pages at or send an e-mail to .

SoL-diag information and download:

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