September 11, 2003

SoL - Server optimized Linux 17.00 released

antitachyon writes "Vienna, Austria, Sept. 11, 2003 antitachyon - Manalo & Willner OEG (
proudly announces the fourth stable release of SoL - Server optimized Linux
17.00. Website of the SoL - distribution:

SoL 17.00 is a milestone in the SoL - series:

* The ideas and concepts of SoL were consequently enhanced and the
requests of the SoL - community all over the whole world were considered
in this release. SoL 17.00 is the first of the SoL - releases to be
installed with the new installation system SoLIv2, which includes many
features such as Software-RAID creation, a quick-install mode for
automatic mass-installations and a clear step-by-step installation menu.
As usual, with SoL 17.00 a complete and ready-to-use server can be installed
within 30 minutes.

* The XML boot-technology for the Linux-system introduced by antitachyon were
enhanced and extended by many features.

* The installation system is based on antitachyon's coming diskless Linux-system
SoL-diag 2.0, which enables a fast and easy diagnosis of computers. SoL-diag
is also ideal for use as a Linux - education - system.

* Bonus material is featured in the SoL-17.00 cdrom for the first time: Three
chosen Austrian bands (blended,, and point.venus) present their
music on SoL. antitachyon enables the distribution of their work
beyond the borders, while this exclusive artwork-material can ideally show
some of the multimedia-features of Linux.

* SoL 17.00, as the previous releases of SoL, is designed and optimized for server-use
and server-administraton.

* The Linux-kernel used in SoL is 2.4.22. The software packages have the latest
versions at the time of the SoL 17.00-development. For the first time, the Zope
application server and qmail are included in SoL.

About SoL - Server optimized Linux and antitachyon:

SoL - Server optimized Linux is a free Linux-distribution, developed by the
Austrian company antitachyon - Manalo & Willner OEG. antitachyon is specialized
in developing Open Source software and also offers courses and consulting in
this field, as well as for various software-projects. SoL-desktop and SoL-diag are
other packages beside SoL that were released in the previous year."


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