October 23, 2002

Solaris returns to Intel, will it stay there?

"I hate it when I'm dead wrong. Back in September, I wrote that Solaris on Intel was as dead as a Norwegian Blue Parrot. Then, early this month, Sun let it slip-they never officially announced it-that Solaris 9 on Intel is back.

Why? Well, according to Graham Lovell, Sun's Director of OS Marketing, Solaris on Intel was never completely dead. Beta code had actually been produced and was being kept in 'cold storage.' But because 'we didn't see a market for it' Sun stopped developments and plans for Solaris 9 on Intel.

Now, it wasn't that Solaris on Intel wasn't popular. Lovell said that 1.2 million copies of Solaris under the Free Solaris program have been downloaded, and that about a million of those had been Solaris on Intel."

Link: Practical-tech.com

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