February 15, 2001

Soldier of Fortune: gold, guts and glory

Author: JT Smith

John Gowin writes: "The basic premise of the game is easy: get mission, go to far off place, kill people, collect a paycheck. The last part of that statement is a bit silly -- considering the fact that no matter how much money you make, it doesn't effect the outcome of the game.
Raven's modified Quake II engine (appropriately monickered G.H.O.U.L, which I think means Guts, Heads and Other stuff Unceremoniously Laying about) has provided 26 different 'gore zones' for positional damage good enough to write home about. The results are overwhelmingly effective. To understate: The blood-n-guts factor is quite high in this title." Read the article at Linux Orbit.
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