August 26, 2004

Some Advice & a New Book by Larry Rosen, and an Open Source, Open Standards Conference

Larry Rosen has a new book out, "Open Source Licensing - Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law," which I am enjoying reading very much. Rosen's Preamble says that the book is by a lawyer, but it's not for lawyers -- no citations or academic analyses suitable for a law journal. It's written, he says, for his friends in the free and open source community, who might be confused about which license to use for their software (there is an entire chapter on that), and also for those in business wondering how they and their company might be affected by various software licenses. It's the perfect book to hand your favorite PHB. You know, the one trembling with fear after reading FUD in BusinessWeek about open source and how scary and untested the licenses are.


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