Someone is Trolling the Linux Kernel Mailing Lists Really Hard


It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Superman or itss a newbie kernel developer, it’s a troll, it’s NSA…

Someone named Nicholas Krause is all over the Linux kernel mailing lists. Theodore Ts’o of ext4 fame today posted a “A public service announcement regarding wanna-be kernel developer Nick Krause.â€

Nick seems to have ‘started’ his kernel journey by posting a message about ‘finding’ a kernel developer jot at the kernel hub. Later he graduated to become a ‘patcher’ akin to ‘Transporter’ of Jason Statham and started sending patches to different kernel mailing lists.

Theodore says, “So far, he has tried to do this with the ext4, btrfs, scsi, and usb subsystems. I’m probably missing a few.â€

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