Sorry Boss, I got lost in Austin again


Author: JT Smith

Dean Pannell (a.k.a. dinotrac) writes: “News item: Microsoft sics the license dogs on Austin, Texas.”
Following the steady click-clack sound coming from my office, samurai guitar neck poised to strike, I confront the intruder. “Hey there, Pizza Boy, long time, no see.”

I can’t believe my eyes. It’s Toadie, right hand man to the Redmond Billionaire.

“We’ve been having a little trouble,” he says, “with that paranoid delusional black helicopter chaser, Joe Barr. Do you know him?”

“I may have heard the name.”

“Joe’s been out there doing the wacky dance again. Says we leaned heavy on the city of Austin to shell out large for years to come.”

“The Big Guy’s got a real PR problem if this thing gets any attention.”



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