September 28, 2003

Sorry, no SCO news today

- By Robin 'Roblimo' Miller -
In an apparent oversight, SCO forget to issue a press release this morning asserting yet another ownership claim against parts of the Linux kernel. Worse, no one has filed a new lawsuit against SCO today or even offered to indemnify Linux users against this predatory company's actions.`

We NewsForge editors were shocked to come to work this morning and find absolutely nothing about SCO in our inboxes, not even an angry rant from Eric Raymond or Bruce Perens.

Preparing for a bleak future

One day -- perhaps next year, perhaps in 2015 -- SCO will go out of business or decide to do something more productive than claim it owns Linux. That is going to be a sad day for tech news reporters and editors. What will we write about when we don't have SCO to kick around anymore?

Will Groklaw give up the ghost completely?

What will opinion-mongers interested in Linux fulminate about without SCO? Will everyone go back to attacking Microsoft or will Microsoft finally make this joke a reality, embrace the GPL, and leave Red Hat and IBM as our primary whipping boys?

Think of the lawyers' children!

It's not just journalists on the IT beat who will suffer when the SCO matter finally ends. Legal actions like this one employ many lawyers, usually with funds the companies hiring them might otherwise waste on software development or other technical innovations.

Many of the lawyers currently working on SCO's actions, both for SCO and for the companies SCO is attacking, have children who need braces, videogames, cellular phones, bicycles, and designer jeans.

Without SCO, what will happen to the poor lawyers' children? Will they be forced to go to public schools? Get "pay in advance" cell phones? Download illegal MP3s instead of buying their music on $16 CDs? No one ever thinks of the children in situations like this, but more should.

We hope tomorrow will be brighter

NewsForge truly regrets not being able to provide you with fresh SCO news today. But SCO's stock dropped 17.06% Friday (it closed at $14.29), so we're sure an outrageous new SCO announcement or possibly another one of their cool conference calls will come our way within the next day or two.


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