November 17, 2006

The Sorry State of Massachusetts

Andy Updegrove writes "I'm remiss in blogging on the transition in Massachusetts as Louis Gutierrez leaves his position as State CIO (Gutierrez announced that he would resign a month ago), and as Mitt Romney wraps up his single term as governor and looks forward, he hopes, to bigger political games than our small state can offer.
Gutierrez, you may recall, resigned because of the failure of the state legislature to approve the IT funding that the Information Technology Division (ITD) required to continue its long overdue upgrade of systems and services, including the implementation of ODF. After the legislature adjourned on July 31 without approving the funding, 27 contractors were promptly laid off, and thirty IT different projects were terminated. 100 more contractors will be let go in December. Gutierrez is returning (perhaps temporarily) to a private consulting firm, and the new administration is preparing to take office, already the target of lobbyists with certain opinions on IT topics such as open source software. It's all part of the business as usual in the sorry state of Massachusetts."


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