September 28, 2001

Sounding off on behalf of copy protection

Author: JT Smith

"While SunnComm is betting that copy-protected CDs will be the music industry's answer to digital
content protection, it's discovering that success stories don't come easy.

In May, SunnComm provided anti-copying technology on a CD
release by veteran country music singer Charley Pride. But
before the CD was shipped to U.S. stores by Nashville,
Tenn.-based Music City Records, free copies of the songs
appeared on the Internet. Eight of the 15 songs on Pride's new
album, "A Tribute to Jim Reeves," were posted on a private Web
page hosted by Yahoo. And later, consumers complained that
the SunnComm-protected CDs could not play properly on all
devices, such as certain DVD players." Full story at CNET.

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