November 17, 2001

Source code engineering portal for C/C++ and Java

Author: JT Smith

Janos Koppany writes "Free Source Code Engineering Portal for OSDN developers.
CodeBeamer Portal Edition ( is a web-based source code comprehension product that enables enterprises or geographically dispersed developers to analyze, comprehend and collaborate on Java and C/C++ software projects. It integrates Open Source developers in the software development process providing insight into the structure, quality and progress of software projects on a secure way.
CodeBeamer Enterprise Edition is installed behind corporate firewalls, it provides fast and secure browsing - visualization, analysis, QA, and issue tracking features on the common software asset. A fast Java/Swing based plug-in aims at enhancing the productivity of individual developer with quick code browsing and editing.

Major features:
Code browsing and analysis, cross-referencing, QA, metrics, dependency analysis, impact analysis, class diagrams, code collaboration, issue tracking, revision system access, Java documentation check, export for MS-Excel and StarOffice, it runs on Unix/Linux/Windows platforms.

About Intland:
Intland provides customers with products and services to enhance the productivity and quality of the software development process. Intland's flagship product is CodeBeamer a web-based, enterprise-wide source code engineering solution with strong collaboration features. Intland participates in the Open Source Community with the free portal on the site More about Intland in the site"


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