September 27, 2003

Source Mage GNU/Linux v0.7, code name Flare, released

The Source Mage GNU/Linux developers team would like to invite you to try our
newest release, code named "Flare": 6.iso.bz2

Source Mage GNU/Linux is a source-based distribution, see this recent review published by DistroWatch for a comparison of Source Mage with
other source-based distributions: ew-sourcemage

You can find out more about us at:

For a list of the newest changes and please refer to: ase+Changelogs

For the rest of the documentation please refer to our wiki:

Thanks and have fun!

* Eric D. Schabell M.Sc.
* Project Lead Source Mage GNU/Linux
* SourceMage:
* Shopping:
* (#sourcemage)
* nick -> erics



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