Source{d} Can Help Solve Your Own Tabs-Versus-Spaces Debate


The debate over tabs versus spaces has been going on for decades and, despite all attempts to end it, it is ongoing. StackOverflow co-founder Jeff Atwood once wrote of the debate, “It doesn’t actually matter which coding styles you pick. What does matter is that you, and everyone else on your team, sticks with those conventions and uses them consistently.”

And to that end, among others, source{d} offers machine learning and analysis to ensure a consistent coding style adapting to various codebases. In other words, source{d} can solve this debate for you, not by asking those in charge and enforcing the style from the top down, but rather by analyzing your existing code base, extrapolating in-practice norms, and enforcing them across your entire code base. If you’ve ever attempted to enforce a uniform style using a style guide, you may be familiar with the feeling of futility that comes along with it, but it’s easier, says source{d} Vice President of Product Francesc Campoy, when a machine can do it for you.

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