June 7, 2004

SourceForge 4.1: Not a Chip Off The Block

Anonymous Reader writes "SourceForge, the world's largest open source software development community, has released the newest version of its Enterprise Grade software namesake from its corporate parent VA Software [NewsForge and SourceForge are both owned by OSDN]

SourceForge Enterprise Edition (SFEE), which has just hit version 4.1, is built on J2EE architecture and includes a service oriented architecture (define) with
an open API (define) and SDK (define).

But there's a twist to the release this time. SourceForge Enterprise 4.1 is not based on the open source software that runs sourceforge.net. Instead, a company
spokesman confirmed, the 4.x generation of SFEE is a complete break from SF.net."

Link: internetnews.com


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